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Our family winery started operating in Monor in 2020. Our activity started out of love and respect for wine and grapes. Our cellar is more than 100 years old, a well-known classic icon of the Monori Winery Village. At the Fecske Pince, traditional winemaking takes place, all phases of winemaking are done in style in the cellar - which is already considered a curiosity these days.

We don't have decades or centuries of experience behind us, we have vintner/winemaking ancestry, but the love for nature, the countryside, and grapes was already instilled in us as children. As a first-generation winemaker, there are many challenges, but it makes enjoying the wine you drink all the more memorable. We spent the summer holidays with our grandparents in the countryside, we inherited our love for the land from them, and we hope that we will be able to pass it on to our descendants.

Grape growing and winemaking have a hundreds of years of tradition in Monoro and the region. The atmosphere of Monori Winery captivated us when we first walked up to the mountain, which is more of a hill with its 190-meter height, but also boasts a lookout point.


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